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Academic Corpora
Genre: Academic Writing | Content: Abstracts of sport research papers | Words: 570,000+
Sport and Health Research Paper Corpus
Genre: Journal articles | Contents: Sport and Health Research Paper Corpus is designed for the aid of academic writing support in the specific field of assisting sport instruments research. Words: 1,500,000 The corpus is co-compiled with Dr. Huang Zhiguan (黄治官博士)。
Sport Research Papers (SRP)
Genre: Academic writing | Content: Sport science full research papers | Words: 6,700,000+
Genre: Academic Writing | Content: Conclusions of sport research papers | Words: 110,000+
Genre: Academic Writing | Content: Introductions of sport research papers | Words: 1,470,000+
Genre: Academic Writing | Content: Methods of sport research papers | Words: 2,880,000+
SRP_Results and Discussion
Genre: Academic Writing | Content: Results and discussions of sport research papers | Words: 6,280,000+
News Corpora
American Football News
Genre: News reporting | Nature: Professional sport | Words: 700,000
Bristish Soccer News
Genre: Multi-genre | Nature: Professional sport | Words: 1,200,000+
Clean Energy News Corpus
CEN Corpus consists of news reports from the quality English news websites from America, Asia, Australia and Europe. All the data were collected by my postgraduates of Grade 2020. Just for practice!
NBA News
Genre: News reporting | Nature: Professional sport | Words: 130,000+
Military English Corpus
Genre: mainly news | Contents: Military news reports, opinion articles, and voices from the military departments. All articles were only used for academic purposes. | Words: 1,260,000+
One Belt One Road Corpus
Genre: News report | Content: One belt one road news report in English language | Words: 1,500,000+. The OBOR corpus is co-compiled with Prof. Wang Yan (王彦教授)and funded by the National Social Science Foundation Project(20BYY076):中华传统文化传播的跨媒介叙事话语研究
Wikipedia Corpora
Wikisports Corpus
Genre: Encyclopaedic writing | Content: Descriptions of all major sports on Wikipedia (79 in all) | Words: 2,170,000+
Pedagogical Corpora
College English Corpus
Genre: pedagogical writing | Content: 1068 texts (level 1-4) collected from standard English textbooks used for general english education in China | Words: 1,100,000+
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2019-02-20 Acknowledgement
Heartfelt thanks go to Dr Andrew Hardie, Reader in Linguistics at Lancaster University, who made CQPweb software freely available.
2019-02-02 Disclaimer
All texts collected in this corpus website are only used for academic purpose. Texts will be removed accordingly upon request for the reason of copyright infringement.

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